My work comes from a desire to capture tension; an instant of rigidity or weakness. I am enthralled by the shadows and contours of the human form,
their ability to stretch and twist and the rigidity and elegance that is the very essence of the figure. I am captivated by the idea of transformation. 

I revel in the ability to take what I see and create something entirely different, whether it comes through cropping or shifting colors. I am inspired by the ability to make a cohesive painting out of daubs and dashes of color. The malleability of the paint and a loose hand appeals to me. I move intuitively and am completely immersed in the atmosphere and mood within my work. This
creates movement in the flesh of a figure or the petal of a flower. 

The expressive and frenzied nature creates a strained and manic atmosphere that I admire which is a reaction and mood I strive for within my work. I experiment with color and its relationships to the objects around it. Color can alter a space instantly and I plan to experiment further with that aspect of transformation.